Truly, a river village

“If the earth is a mother, then rivers are her veins.” 
― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words.”

Sleepy village on a sleepy river

We’ve only just discovered this lovely area of France too, so we have a LOT more exploring and research to do. We’ll post up all the best info and discoveries on this page, so you can make the most out of your holiday.

This little river village is quiet and unspoilt, with a charming maze of old streets and houses winding back from the river. Formally, the village riverside was a staging post for the Gabar boats that took the chestnut timber downriver to Bordeaux for the wine casks. When the river’s low, you can see evidence of the pontoons, old bridges and buildings that serviced this flourishing trade, now long-since gone. (They say many of the Gabariers – the boatmen – who had to make their own way back home from Bordeaux – never quite made it back, often settling further downriver if it took their fancy!). It must have been a hard life, so who can blame them.

The Gabar boat still plies the river in the summer, taking visitors from the village dock up and down the beautiful forested banks of the Dordogne.

The old Gabar chugging up river

The river is the star

The Dordogne flows gently past the cottage, through the Gorges, an area of incredible natural beauty. Choose to stay in the cottage and just gaze. Or get out and discover the forest trails that start right from the village. There’s room for your own small kayak or canoe in the old garage. Bring your fishing gear. We will advise how to pick up a local permit, and when it’s the season to fish – and what fish you might catch!

You can swim right from the back garden. The water’s clean, calm and safe. There’s also a popular swimming ‘beach’ a few hundred yards away, and a even a municipal campsite with swimming pools that are life-guarded during August – available to non-campers for a small fee.

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